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I have always loved Septembers.

The weather cools down (fun fact: both Libby and I prefer cooler temperatures).

The leaves start changing colors.

And, at the risk of showing my nerd card, a new school year kicks off.

Yup, I LOVED going back to school.

For one, I couldn't get enough of new school supplies—pencils that haven't yet been sharpened, backpacks that haven't yet been marred by stinky gym clothes, water bottles and lunch containers that haven't yet disappeared, and clean clothes that haven't yet had holes ripped in them.

Another? September signals a fresh start.

New beginnings.

A student's new year, per se.

But I started thinking about why going back-to-school evoked such strong positive emotions for me.

And I realized it was more than the opportunity to show off my most perfect first day of school outfit I picked out back-to-school shopping.

Part of why I loved going back was because I loved learning (and still do!), but a bigger part was to reconnect with my friends I hadn't had the opportunity to hang out with over the summer.

It was time to feel a part of something again.

It was time to rejoin my community.

Fast forward many many years, and I still crave that connection with community that I honestly find it hard to find in my adult life. And it has only become harder since many shifted to work-from-home last year.

When Libby and I launched the C Factor Community almost a year ago, we were motivated to find a way to share our leadership development program with as many people managers as we could because we had seen it transform leaders and organizations time and time again regardless of profession and industry, but the true impetus was to help these same managers connect with each other.

There's a reason they say "it's lonely at the top". And when "the top" is actually the middle and you're pulled in many different directions, it can feel even more isolating and overwhelming.

And that's what we set out to address.

When we launched our free live group coaching sessions this summer, we loved the conversations that were happening between the attendees and quickly realized that we needed to create more of this and more consistently, and we needed to reduce the barriers for those who a) don't have the budget to take the full C Factor Leadership Program right now or b) had already taken something similar with us (or someone else—we'll forgive you) in the past.

And, so, in the spirit of fresh starts and new beginnings we're so excited to be launching a C Factor Community Membership this month!

Before I jump up and down excitedly to tell you about the community benefits in the same way I would recount my first day of school to my parents when we were eating dinner that night, rest assured, we are still running our signature 7-week C Factor Leadership Program which includes a complimentary annual membership to the Community (shameless plug: the next cohort starts September 20th), but we're also now offering a membership-only option to those looking for their community.

And, unlike school, the C Factor Community is a WAYYYY better way to find your community.

No smelly cafeteria.

No one pushing you into the lockers.

No one forcing you to raise your hand to use the restroom. tests!

Just the good stuff.








But if you're someone focused on the details (who's the one showing their nerd card now, huh?! 😉), here's what's all included in the C Factor Community Membership:

  • Monthly webinars on a variety of leadership topics

  • Twice monthly drop-in coaching office hours

  • Private discussion forum

  • Monthly networking opportunities

  • Community directory

  • Reference library with recorded webinars and articles of interest

And it's less expensive than a daily cafeteria lunch!

Join the Community today! Pre-Registration is now open. Click here to learn more and pre-register.




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