What is the Factor?

Leadership development reimagined, an online program and community for today's busy manager.


The C Factor Program is a 6-week online leadership development program that also includes a membership to the C Factor Community, an exclusive and private online community for established leaders* in the corporate world (aka people managers or – as our parents would have said – ‘middle managers’).


Through guided assessments and coursework, one-on-one and group coaching, and practical resources and tools, the C Factor Program will unlock the knowledge, self-awareness, support and – most importantly – community you need to reach your highest potential as a manager.

*What’s with the term "established leader"? We coined it because we don’t think ‘middle manager’ comes close to doing justice to what you do or what it took to get there. If you’ve reached the management level it’s because you’re a proven contributor who has been entrusted with a team. You know your way around the organization and your industry.

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