Program Details

The C Factor Program is much more than:

A course you’d find in your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) or online

The content you’d find in the latest NY Times bestselling business book

The nuggets and networking you’d take away from the annual conference

What is Included? 

Unlike traditional leadership programs that require lots of time away from the office, The C Factor Program is designed to be flexible so you can learn and participate when it works best for you. As well, it includes year-round access to:

1. A personalized leadership portfolio. Spoiler alert: there’s no ‘secret sauce’ to effective leadership because every manager will lead differently based on their strengths. So our first step is to help you identify yours and design a customized leadership plan around them.


2. The chance to learn, grow, and transform with other leaders from outside your organization. You will share ideas, learn from one another, and see how other established leaders tackle the same challenges as you.

3. Info and support from experts. The support and guidance of peers is invaluable, but there are times where we benefit most from the experience and knowledge of the experts. Inside the C Factor you will have the opportunity to not only learn from them, but ask questions specific to you.


4. A place to be vulnerable. There are many reasons why we don't feel comfortable showing or discussing our vulnerabilities in the workplace. The C Factor Community is a place where you can be honest, be vulnerable, and be you with other leaders who get it because they are facing the same challenges too.

5. Answers and input. Whether you are looking for advice, feedback, or the best cannoli in Boston (it’s Mike’s Pastry, in our opinion), you now have a place to go where others ‘get it’ – and can help you get there.

6. An opportunity to learn to coach and be coached. At the management level, receiving coaching can be just as important as giving it. Through weekly office hours and your partner accountability sessions, you'll have the opportunity dive deeper into your challenges and opportunities and learn effective coaching techniques straight from the experts.

7. A carefully curated resource library. Courses, books,
articles, TED Talks, and more just a click away. 

Program Details:

The 6-Week C Factor Program Includes:

  • Self-paced guided 6-week coursework and assessments to develop your personalized leadership portfolio

  • Weekly facilitator 'office hours' to ask questions

  • Accountability partner match with guided sessions

  • One-on-one coaching session to develop a personalized leadership plan

  • Resource library

  • Call recordings

BONUS: Enrollment in the C Factor Program also includes membership to the C Factor Community, an exclusive and private online community for C Factor Program participants and alumni.

The C Factor Community includes access to:

  • Private discussion forum

  • Monthly networking opportunities

  • Community directory

  • Exclusive access to C Factor webinars, courses, and events

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