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Busy Office

Benefits to You and

Your Organization

Confident and effective managers lead with PURPOSE, POWER, and POTENTIAL to positively impact employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. 


Unfortunately, what has passed for far too long has been a leadership framework at the management level that leaves individuals and teams feeling deflated, demoralized, and disengaged. And the challenges in 2020 amplified where organizations are vulnerable.

Fortunately, NOW is the opportunity to REDEFINE, REALIGN, and for some totally REIMAGINE the role of the manager. It is the time to align your leadership framework with the changing reality of the marketplace and all the demands it brings with it.


Your managers need a program that will help them

  • be agile as disruptive change continues.

  • be resourceful during a time that resources seem scarce.

  • function as visionary problem solvers who can make real time decisions on behalf of their team and organization.

  • be confident leaders who can guide, support, and lead their teams effectively.




1. Middle management can be new, rewarding and difficult in the same day. Learning how to manage the highs and lows of the job requires support and resources. We provide both.


2. Your managers need to be able to have tough conversations with their direct reports that improve performance, engagement, and commitment. But most managers report that having difficult conversations is one of the things they dread most about their job. We show them how to do this with courage and confidence.


3. Most organizations underserve their managers when it comes to support. That is not an indictment, but a consistent observation. It makes sense too, given the expectations of the job of the established leader. Who has time for a day long workshop? Traditional approaches to leadership development will not work for an established leader. We solve for this challenge.


4. Managers are often formerly high performing individual contributors who get labeled “high potential” and moved into a management role with little or no training or coaching. Being “good at the job” does not typically translate into being good at managing others to be good at the job. (that’s a word salad but you get the drift). We fill in the gaps and transform managers from high performing individual contributor to confident leader.


  • Employees led by confident leaders who fuel purpose, feel powerful, and not only expand their own potential, but also their team’s potential. 
  • An increase in engagement and motivation throughout the team. 

  • Happy customers, clients and staff because your managers are leading with confidence.

  • Reduced turnover (because great managers nurture and retain talented team members!).

  • A reduction in the day-to-day issues that come up when a manager lacks confidence. 

  • An increase in creativity and innovation as the natural result of managers’ new found confidence and diverse perspectives they are learning from their peers.

  • Increased trust in managers to do their job.


This is what’s possible through The C Factor Community. This is leadership development re-imagined for today’s busy manager.

Have more questions? Set up a time to speak with us.

“Uncertainty has been a huge issue, since no one is sure how much work we'll have, whether or not jobs will be cut and so on. It's also difficult to really coordinate with people remotely and feel a good connection. Virtual

meeting tools help a lot but it's difficult to replace the casual conversation.”

- David

“I think there is a requirement to extend to supervisors and managers a higher level of

autonomy in decision-making to empower them to support their teams’ needs when working remotely. We have found challenges where the supervisors have not felt they were empowered to make decisions in the interest of supporting their staff.”

- Tamara, C.O.O.

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