Business Meeting

As a Manager

What would it mean to you to have…

A customized leadership development program

A team of experts, coaches and mentors in your corner

A program you can access where and when it works for you

A community of supporters to cheer you on when you’re kicking butt, give advice when you’re getting your butt kicked, and offer feedback to help you to kick butt?

Business Meeting

This Is thE

C FACTOR Program

A 6-week leadership development program that includes membership to our exclusive and private online community for established leaders like you. 


Go on a journey of personal development, professional development and – most importantly – community development to collaborate and connect with other leaders at your level.


Joining the community will unlock all of this for about the same investment as a few  coaching sessions, one professional development course or industry conference.

Professional Woman



Having the support, guidance, and knowledge you need to feel confident in your role

​Leading a successful, high performance team

Understanding yourself on a whole new level

Breaking through your fears and addressing your challenges head-on

Knowing exactly how to leverage your strengths

Having a trusted community to go to with challenges or for support


This is what’s possible through The C Factor Community. This is leadership development re-imagined –just for you.

Enrolling in the C Factor Program and joining The C Factor Community has the potential to pay off (big time) for your employer in addition to yourself. For this reason, program fees are often covered by the organization as a training or professional development activity.


If you need help building a business case to present to your team, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide that support.

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