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Score a Trifecta in 2021:

Three ways to manage your remote team with confidence.

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Managing is challenging at the best of times and 2020 has been a big ol’ kick in the pants. Entire organizations and industries had to move to remote work practically overnight. 


We’ve all been in reaction mode--wrapping our heads around the new normal, supporting our staff as they juggle the physical blend of home and work, and delivering expected performance results. This can result in feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and frustration. We get it, managing and leading a team during a time of disruption and uncertainty is no easy task. 


Phew, stop and give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far. You are closing in on the end of 2020! Bravo. Now, are you ready to set yourself and your team up for success in 2021? Yes! Great news.


Join us--facilitators, leadership program designers, and speakers, Libby Spears and Christine LeLacheur--for our webinar: “Score a Trifecta in 2021: Three ways to manage your remote team with confidence”.


In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Discuss the top challenges facing managers in 2020

  • Identify three STRATEGIES you can implement NOW to strengthen your management and leadership and make you feel more confident.

  • Learn the TOP way to build your confidence heading into 2021.  

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Christine LeLacheur

Master Facilitator.

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Libby Spears

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