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Are you looking to reach your highest potential as a manager?

We're here to help you do just that. 

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Leadership development reimagined, an online program and community for today's busy manager.


The C Factor is a 7-week online leadership development program and includes membership to our exclusive and private C Factor Community for established leaders* in the corporate world (aka people managers or – as our parents would have said – ‘middle managers’).


Through guided assessments and coursework, one-on-one and group coaching, and practical resources, tips and tools, the C Factor Program will unlock the knowledge, self-awareness, support and – most importantly – community you need to reach your highest potential as a manager.

*What’s with the term "established leader"? We coined it because we don’t think ‘middle manager’ comes close to doing justice to what you do or what it took to get there. If you’ve reached the management level it’s because you’re a proven contributor who has been entrusted with a team. You know your way around the organization and your industry.

If you’re a (new or seasoned) mid-level corporate manager who wants to:

  • Lead your team with confidence

  • Excel personally and professionally

  • Name, claim and aim your strengths

  • Understand and manage your limitations

  • Manage up effectively

… you’ve come to the right place.


Take your spot in the September 2021 cohort

What's Included?




White Gradient

Start Date: September 2021 

*EARLY BIRD PRICING* Program Fees: $1500 USD ($1800 CND)*


The 7-Week C Factor Program Includes:

  • Self-paced guided coursework and assessments to
    develop your p
    ersonalized leadership portfolio

  • Weekly check-ins with facilitator

  • Weekly group training sessions 

  • Accountability partner match with guided sessions

  • 1:1 training session to develop a personalized
    leadership action plan

  • Networking opportunities

  • Resource library

  • Call recordings

  • Community directory


BONUS: Enrollment in the C Factor Program also includes complimentary membership to the C Factor Community, an exclusive and private online community for C Factor Program participants and alumni.

The C Factor Community includes access to:

  • Private discussion forum

  • Monthly networking opportunities

  • Community directory

  • Exclusive access to C Factor webinars, courses, and events

* Special rates are available to organizations registering 10+ participants. CONTACT US directly for details.


C Factor Program

30 Spots Available

Applications are currently open for next cohort, beginning in September 2021.

Cheerful Business Meeting

If You...

Are a supervisor, manager, team lead or director who manages other professionals

Don’t have time to sit in a (virtual) classroom for eight hours straight

Have exhausted – or are looking to complement – the courses and/or programs available through your employer

Feel isolated and want to find your people

Crave support and guidance as you navigate the challenges of managing people (especially in the age of COVID)



The C Factor Program was designed for YOU – and we would love to have you join us.

What would it mean to you to have…

  • A customized leadership development program 

  • A personalized leadership roadmap

  • A team of experts, coaches and mentors in your corner

  • A program you can access where and when it works for you

  • A community of supporters to cheer you on when you’re kicking ass, give advice when you’re getting your ass kicked, and offer feedback to help you to kick ass?


This is the opportunity before you today.

The C Factor Program will unlock all of this for about the same investment as a few coaching sessions, one professional development course or industry conference.

Want to learn more?

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What would it mean to your organization to have…

A confident leader fueled by purpose

Increased team
engagement & motivation

Happier customers, clients, and/or staff

Reduced turnover

Fewer day-to-day 'issues'

New perspectives, creativity and innovation

Total trust in your ability to do a kick-ass job

​Joining The C Factor Community has the potential to pay off (big time) for your employer in addition to yourself. For this reason, program fees are often covered by the organization as a professional development activity. If you need help building a business case to present to your team, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide that support.

Meet Your Guides

Libby Spears

Speaker, Facilitator, Coffee Drinker

Libby’s Three Words: Educate. Liberate. Entertain.

Bonus Word: Y’All

Libby has taught professionals from all over the world in a variety of industries and backgrounds how to be game changers in the marketplace. 

Pictonat - Branding - CFactor_153-1_WEB.
Christine LeLacheur

Speaker, Facilitator, Tea Drinker

Christine’s Three Words: Enlighten. Engage. Ignite.

Bonus Word: Eh?

Christine has worked with hundreds of professionals, managers, and executives to help them reach their highest leadership potential.

The CFactor Community is much more than: 


A course you’d find in your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) or online


The content you’d find in the latest NY Times bestselling business book

Professional Woman

The nuggets and networking you’d take away from the annual conference

The C Factor is a comprehensive 7-week leadership program that includes personal development, professional development and – most importantly – membership to a community to help you collaborate and connect with other leaders at your level.

The C Factor Program is the perfect way to:

Earn professional development hours.*


Make the most of your allocated training funds.

Establish networks outside of your industry.


Develop your personal leadership growth plan.

Lead with confidence at every stage of your career

*Contact us today to check if the C Factor can satisfy your required professional development hours.

Video Conference


Having the support, guidance, and knowledge you need to feel confident in your role

Leading a successful, high performance team

Understanding yourself on a whole new level

Breaking through your fears and addressing your challenges head-on

Knowing exactly how to leverage your strengths

Having a trusted community to go to with challenges or for support


This is what’s possible through The C Factor Community. This is leadership development re-imagined –just for you.

Through the CFactor you will get:

portfolio icon.png

A Leadership Portfolio and Action Plan Customized to You


Spoiler alert: there’s no ‘secret sauce’ to effective leadership because every manager will lead differently based on their strengths. So our first step is to help you identify yours through our 7-week leadership program. Then we work one-on-one with you to design a customized leadership action plan just for you. Finally, you join a community of peers to support you as you put your plan into action.

leader icon.png

A place to be vulnerable.


Managing is hard. And it can feel isolating. There are many reasons why we don't feel comfortable showing or discussing our vulnerabilities in the workplace. The C Factor Community is a place where you can be honest, be vulnerable, and be yourself with other leaders who get it because they are facing the same challenges too.

Growth Icon.png

The change to learn, grow, and transform with other leaders from outside your organization.


In the C Factor Community, you will share ideas, learn from one another, and see how other established leaders tackle the same challenges as you. And when you need the experience and knowledge of leadership experts, you will have the opportunity to not only learn from them, but ask questions specific to you.


An opportunity to learn, practice and receive coaching.

At the management level, receiving coaching can be just as important as giving it. Through weekly group coaching calls and your partner accountability sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into your challenges and opportunities, learn effective coaching techniques straight from the experts, and practice them on your peers in a safe and low-risk environment.

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